Special Campaigns – Local Advertising Only

Special Campaigns - NON-accommodationLocal Advertising ONLY
Who is this ideal for?Businesses targeting local customers, restricted to a specific target group or town.
Where do we host your banner ads?We host banner adds of your NON-accommodation-type business ONLY on the site of the organisation you are a member of, and also on sites restricted to non-similar businesses in your town or suburb (if any are available).
Who provides the banners?You can provide us with your banner you designed yourself or we can design some very basic banner using text, photos and graphics we obtain from your web site.
What is the banner criteria?We use banner meeting the following criteria (if which we will use one of each during each campaign):
* 120px X 120px at 72dpi (jpg, png, gif or animated gif) AND / OR
* 468px X 60px at 72dpi (jpg, png, gif or animated gif) AND / OR
* 250px X 300px at 72dpi (jpg, png, gif or animated gif).
What is the site criteria?No sites or banners suggesting sex, pornography, racism, hate-speech, any types of drugs or related substances, any political activities or affiliation, banners depicting violence or children (unless the site is specifically children related e.g. a crèche, etc).  We reserve the right to amend these at any time and also not to approve sites and or banners not mentioned here.
What is the pricing?Pricing for this option is FREE.
How to get going?Please complete the form below

To place your order please complete the below form:

    Please design very basic banner based on information available on my website.I have designed my own banners and will upload it now.