Personal Invite

If you reach this page it is because I personally invited you to participate in our banner program.  This invitation is open to selected people only and is part of my “pay-it-forward”, “make-myself-feel-better”, “thank-you-for-what-you-have-done-for-me”, “whatever-you-want-to-call-it” program.  Gratitude. And I help you. Except for a little time to place your banners, and a bit of space to host this, this does not cost me anything. I hope that you get at least one click that will bring you some money – when that happens: mission accomplished from my side. If you get more than one income-generating click from this banner program, even better!

I don’t expect anything in return. Should you render a service I could make use of I will be happy to look at barter agreements with you. The idea is that neither you nor I should put our hands in our pockets and hand over cash. We simply render services to one another in return for services where possible. As for the banner program – this is still taking off and I offer this basic service to you for free.

A bit about the banners:

We use banners meeting the following criteria (of which we will use no more than one on a page we display your ads on):
* 120px X 120px at 72dpi (jpg, png, gif or animated gif) AND / OR
* 468px X 60px at 72dpi (jpg, png, gif or animated gif) AND / OR
* 250px X 300px at 72dpi (jpg, png, gif or animated gif).

No sites or banners suggesting sex, pornography, racism, hate-speech, any types of drugs or related substances, any political activities or affiliation, banners depicting violence or children (unless the site is specifically children related e.g. a crèche, etc).  Banners linking to religious sites may be approved but only once we investigated properly and we feel that the site agrees with OUR morals. We reserve the right to amend these at any time and also not to approve sites and or banners not mentioned here.

Once you provided me with your banners I will place it on a test site where you can see how they display.

As a private invite I will initially run your banner/s at a high priority on participating sites, but not on sites rendering the same product or services you do. Your banners will run until you ask me to cancel, or until I or my services cease to exist. Over time, weight and campaign type will be reduced to make space for new, paid banners.

Please complete the below form to proceed (please keep in mind that this offer, unfortunately, is not open to places of accommodation – please see this page if your place offers accommodation).

Oh, and please note that this invitation extends to immediate family members of invitees (ie parents, spouses/life partners, siblings & children), so if they are running a business please get them to place their banners with us:

    Please design very basic banners based on information available on my website.I have designed my own banners and will upload it now.