How to Order

FOR BANNER SWAPPING (PLAN A) TEST FIRST: Place any of the code found under HOSTS somewhere on your page – There are three different types so try them all.  If it displays all is good, if not rather do not go for this option.  Once you subscribed you will be provided with your own code to display on your page. Remember this is for sites to the benefit of SOUTH AFRICANS ONLY.

To place an order e-mail the following to OR complete THIS FORM:

  • Your Full Names.
  • Your e-mail address you would like us to use for future communications.
  • Your telephone number.
  • The Country you Reside in.
  • The URL of your website.
  • Up to 6 banners (we suggest two of each size or one of each size, but obviously at least one banner) meeting the criteria as in BANNER CRITERIA.
  • The Plan you wish to participate in (Plans A-E).

We then will make sure you meet our criteria.

Once we approved your banner/s and site we will e-mail you further instructions on banner swap codes OR payment.

Our support for banner swapping is limited so if you cannot get the code to work on your site you may have to make use of one of our paid options.

Payment is only done via EFT into our South African Bank Account with Capitec, FNB or PayFast. We will only accept payments via these three channels.